The cottage complex is situated in the north of  Slovakia in the heart of  Nízke Tatry near the village Nižná Boca. The complex consists of one central cottage with five rooms and five associate log cabins. It is very suitable for spending family vacations and winter ski trips. 
cottage complex
The central cottage includes a lounge, a dining room with the fire-place.  The rooms arrangement: 3/2, 2/3. The log cabins are two-floor with the following arrangement: 3/7, 2/6.

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The meals are served in the dining room of the central cottage. You can choose a full board, half board or just breakfast. There is also a restaurant in the cottage.

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The location of the cottage complex offers the possibilities of spending wonderful moments throughout the whole year, with possible trips to the country, hiking, skiing or swimming in the nearby centers. You can visit famous caves, historical monuments, museums, observe the traditional folk architecture. In the area of the cottage complex you can enjoy the atmosphere sitting by the campfire.




Nižná Boca

The valley "Bocianska dolina" is 16 km long, dividing the two mountain ranges - Ďumbierske Tatry and Kráľovohoľské Tatry. It is located in the centre of the national park "Nízke Tatry" and enables easy access to the whole area. It is one of the most significant vacation and sports areas including a number of popular vacation centres.

Nižná Boca: a mining village established in the 13th century. The mining was stopped in 1860. The village is typical for rustic architecture, rustic houses with old balconies, tile roofs, fireplaces and wooden hay-sheds. It is a known winter sports centre and a good starting point for summer trips. Altitude: 851 m.

Vyšná Boca: a mountain village. In the half of the 18th century it had separated from the former villages Kráľovská and Svätojánska Boca. Within the region of Vyšná Boca there were mines for gold, iron and antimony. The mining was stopped at the beginning of the 20th century. The village preserves the traditional architecture. Altitude: 951m.

Malužiná: The village was established in the 18th century when the copper works was built. At the edge of the village there is a cave, "Malužinská jaskyňa", but it is not open for public. The village is surrounded by limestone rocks with many other caves. The altitude: 733 m. Čertovica: a road defile. Winter sports centre. Altitude: 1238 m.

Location of ski lifts:
Vyšná Boca (artificial snow) - 3 km
Čertovica (artificial snow) - 7 km
Mýto pod Ďumbierom (artificial snow) - 18 km
Bystrá (artificial snow) - 22 km
Liptovský Ján (artificial snow) - 16 km

Classic-style skiing:
"Malužinská dolina" valley
Hodruša valley
Ipoltica valley

Hiking destinations:
Ďumbier 2043.4 m
Rovná Hoľa 1722.9 m - 2.5 hours
Chopok 2023.6 m
Alpine cottage Štefánik 1727.9 m
Ohnište 1538 m
Čertova svadba 1463 m
Kráľova Hoľa 1946.1 m
Lajštroch 1602.1 m
Veľký Bok 1727.1 m

Selected centres with the description of available services:
Bystrá (fitness centre, bowling, tennis courts, cave, horse-riding) - 22 km
Liptovský Ján (tennis courts, minigolf, horse-riding) - 16 km
Vyšná Boca (mining museum) - 3 km
Liptovský Mikuláš (gallery) - 28 km
Pribylina (outdoor museum) - 30 km

Demänovská ľadová jaskyňa - 47 km
Demänovská jaskyňa slobody - 49 km
Bystrianska jaskyňa - 22 km
Važecká jaskyňa - 35 km
Jaskyňa mŕtvych netopierov

Swimming pools, lakes:
Liptovský Ján (thermal swimming pools, in-house swimming pool) - 16 km
Bešeňová (thermal swimming pool) - 37 km
Liptovská Mara (sailing boat "Liptov", swimming, fishing, water sports) - 30 km
Aquapark Tatralandia (6 thermal swimming pool, 6 tobogans, all year round) - 30 km
Bystrá (swimming pool, in-house swimming pool) - 22 km

T r a n s p o r t   (maps)

By Car 
  • The Ružomberok - Poprad highway with the turning in Hybe 10km
  • From Brezno in the direction of Čertovica 30km
By Bus
  • Liptovský Mikuláš 10km
  • Brezno 28km
  • Banská Bystrica 54km
  • Poprad 50km
The parking place
  • 100m from the Diamír cottage
By Air
  • Poprad 50km
By Train
  • train Kráľová Lehota 10km
  • fast train Liptovský Hrádok 15km
  • IC, EX Liptovský Mikuláš 28km
  • IC, EX Poprad 50km


  • Poprad, Liptovský Mikuláš, Brezno, Banská Bystrica, Liptovský Hrádok

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